CPR is pleased to announce that videos of many CPR programs are available on its website, www.micpr.org.  Thanks to the University Lutheran Church (ULC) of East Lansing – Social Action Team that provided a grant to purchase video equipment and the ULC Endowment Fund gave CPR a grant to update, manage its web site and edit the videos. If you cannot attend one of CPR’s programs in person, go to the “Video of CPR Meetings” tab on our website and watch the presentation. Send suggestions for future program to micpr.org@gmail.com.

2020 Programs and Presentations

https://vimeo.com/509516418  Racial Disparities & Mass Incarceration Webinar, Citizens for Prison Reform, Color of Change, Worth Rises, and Michigan Liberation  
https://vimeo.com/395073781  Keith Barber, Legislative Corrections Ombudsman Presentation

2019 Programs and Presentations
http://bit.ly/MPASMDOC​, Jen Baker, Investigator-Advocate, Disability Rights Advocacy in the Michigan Department of Corrections
vimeo.com/354984864   Aaron Kinzel, Professor U of M Dearborn Presentation: Clean Slate Campaign (Expunging Records)  – Safe and Just Michigan 
vimeo.com/330263627  Ken Faiver,  Author, Former MDOC Associate Director of Health Care 1975-1990 and CMC for Puerto Rico Prison System 1990-1993
​vimeo.com/320886327  ATLaS Justice:  Kirstin Eidenbach, Tuscan Arizona

2018 Programs and Presentations
vimeo.com/302815180 EXIT Program: Roxanna Hartline, Jail Reentry Program, Muskegon MI  November 17, 2018 
Video from Exit Program:  https://www.facebook.com/goodwillwm/videos/764984210508234/?t=16
vimeo.com/291842262 Questions and Answers from Kyle Kaminski’s Presentation, September 15, 2018   
vimeo.com/291838831 Kyle Kaminski, September 15, 2018 Reentry Administrator/Legislative Liaison Michigan Dept. of Corrections
vimeo.com/256258633 Citizens for Justice, Ann Arbor – February,  2018 The Challenges of Sex Offender Registry 

2017 Programs and Presentations
vimeo.com/248484770 Pete Letkemann – December, 2017 Creative Ways to Connect with Incarcerated Loved Ones
vimeo.com/248507742 Friends of Restorative Justice, Washtenaw County November, 2017- Experiencing Restorative Justice as Loved Ones of the Incarcerated
​vimeo.com/235768337​ Kyle Kaminski – March, 2017 Michigan Department of Corrections Legislative Liaison 
vimeo.com/233914607​ Heidi Washington – May, 2017 Legislative Day Speaker, Director of Michigan Department of Corrections
vimeo.com/233704383 Rep. La Grand – May, 2017 Legislative Day Co-Sponsor/Speaker, House of Representatives
vimeo.com/233682006 Rep Howrylak – May, 2017 Legislative Day Sponsor/Speaker, House of Representatives
vimeo.com/233675827 Rep Chang – May, 2017 Legislative Day Co-Sponsor/Speaker, House of Representatives

vimeo.com/218062113​ Family Advisory Board Presentation
 The Work’s of Michigan’s Collaboration to End Mass Incarceration
vimeo.com/214394938 Restoring Public Trust in Government
vimeo.com/213941705 The Importance of Contact Visits
vimeo.com/197946343 Why we Need Restorative Justice
vimeo.com/196097337 Resources for Returning Sex Offenders
vimeo.com/195652373 Obstacles Faced by Returning Sex Offendersvimeo.com/195648779 Making Prison Visits Family Friendly
vimeo.com/179080866 Gap in Mental Health for Former Prisoners
vimeo.com/177949266 Building Relationships with your Officials
vimeo.com/177249206 Insights on Community Reentry for Those with Mental Illness
vimeo.com/173988083 Understanding Prisoner’s Rights