Photo of members who were physically present at the March , 2020 Family Advisory Board quarterly Meeting.

Family Advisory Board

The Family Advisory Board was established through Citizens for Prison Reform and is currently managed by Citizens for Prison Reform.  This board was established in 2015 to bring families and those with incarcerated loved ones to the table with the Michigan Department of Corrections to address general concerns, longstanding and current, and to offer solutions that address greater family support and connectedness. This is not a formal board serving by appointment of the Governor.  

This board is transitioning, after passage of SB 195 in 2020.  The Board will be restructured and appointed by MDOC, and it will be a permanent board under the Family Reunification Policy that is required as part of SB 195.  

This transition will occur in the spring of 2021; therefore, CPR will no longer be on-boarding new board members at this time. 

The current FAB invites you to check in frequently on MDOC’s website to see if they have posted the application for serving on the new board. We also invite you to share your concerns and any issues you feel need to be addressed within the Michigan prison system with the current board until the transition occurs.

This information will continue to be utilized after the transition as we meet with the Department of Corrections, addressing families concerns and working to change policies and practices by offering family-driven solutions that create more impactful family inclusion.  

Thank you for taking the time to provide input and valuable insight. Together we hope to bring about positive change for families, children, and for those living and working inside of this system.