Citizens for Prison Reform (CPR) is a grass-roots, family-led organization that engages, educates and empowers families and those affected by crime and punishment to advance their constitutional, civil and human rights. CPR’s mission is to empower justice-involved families through education flows: both in helping families navigate the justice system and learning from their experiences to best advocate for justice reform. 

Family Participation Program

The FPP assists Michigan families navigating the criminal justice system, with a goal of maintaining strong family relationships and promoting successful reentry when they return home.

Family Advisory Board

FAB was established in 2015 to bring families and those with incarcerated loved ones to the table with the Michigan Department of Corrections to address general concerns, longstanding and current, and to offer solutions that address greater family support and connectedness.

Open MI Door

A campaign to end solitary confinement and advance safer, more therapeutic
alternatives to segregation in Michigan